Hey there Bonafide reader!

This is our Bonafide Book Club members login page. Creating a profile will be a easy way for us all to stay connected and in addition it will help us to get familiar with one another. You will need to create an account to be sure you receive updates, discussion info, and so much more. The really great thing about being a book club member is that you can also share things like events, your business, and/or your blog. The Bonafide Book Club is so much more than book discussions. We are here to support one another in more ways than one; we are just using books to help us do it.  

logging in for the first time...

Once you've  clicked the "Bonafide Book Club Member login" button you will be directed to the sign in page. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Request Password". You will then receive a temporary password. Log in with your email and temporary password. 

Once your logged in you will be able to change your password as well as customize your profile. 

If you have any questions regarding log in please send an email to 

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