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LA Mommy Blogger Tribe Brunch: Joes Cafe Granada Hills

There is nothing like a good Sunday brunch; especially with a good bunch of people. 


Brunch happens to be one of my favorite Sunday Funday outings. If you ask me it is one of the best self-care treats for a mother of two like myself especially when you get to go without the Kiddos.


 Last Sunday January 27th I met up with my mommy friends from the LA Mommy blogger tribe ( for more information) for our first brunch of the new 2019 year. Us Mamas were hosted by the amazing Joes café in Granada Hills, CA and believe me when I say I will gladly be taking that drive from Los Angeles to return for more. 


When you do breakfast, you have to do it right. Joes Café is all the way right; and I’m not just referring to the delectable food they serve.  From the time we walked through Joes Café’s doors until the time we left we were treated like royalty.  In fact, scratch that we were treated like the hard-working Mamas that we are. 


Joes Café gave me very down south vibes; maybe it was because of the warm inviting atmosphere and little décor touches that are just as comforting as the food.  As I walked in some of the first things, I noticed was the warm wood structure, mason jar ice waters (which happen to be my fav glass type) and of course the smell of bacon and fresh baked goods that accompany Joes café host to greet its customers at the door. 


Avocado Breakfast Bruschetta ( joes Cafe Granada Hills )

Avocado Breakfast Bruschetta (joes Cafe Granada Hills)

The menu is just as amazing as the vibe. Joes Café breakfast menu (because If I’m being honest lunch was not on my mind that day) is filled with a bunch of classics that have a modern twist. The presentation of the food is beyond picture worthy; the food taste even better than it looks. Some off my favorite dishes were (keeping in mind that I am a vegetarian) Avocado Breakfast Bruschetta which is pretty much a Texas sized (lingo courtesy of LA Mommy Blogger Rosie) avocado toast with an egg on top drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. If you’re into avocados I highly recommend you trying. Another one of the tribe’s favs was the Stuffed French Toast. Picture this; a warm French loaf sprinkled with powdered sugar, oozing berries, and cream. Just writing this blog I am getting hungry. All in all, there is something for everyone on the Joes Café menu whether you eat meat or not you will not be disappointed. 


If you are going for Sunday brunch with your family and/or friends, or simply going to grab a bite to eat for dinner I highly recommend Joes café. I am positive you will leave planning your return. Thank you to Naza (@sweetpandsky founder of the LA Mommy Blogger tribe) for coordinating such a fab brunch for us Mamas. Additionally: thank you Joes Café for hosting us.  

Tyler E ( @tylerbeth_j )

Tyler E (@tylerbeth_j)


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Crystal Correa: Mom Behind the Scenes

“Keep your eye on the prize,” they say. Who says this? What is the prize? When motherhood is in the mix, this is a challenging, but rewarding experience that no one prepares you for. And in some ways, I feel like I’ve already won.

I’ve always had a passion for storytelling. It’s a drive that has always been inside of me. As a little kid, I would come up with stories and use my toys to act them out. You could say I’ve been a director since I was five, before I even knew what I was doing. I love telling stories to help people bond, so my main focus right now is on writing comedy shows, because humor really helps people to connect. My web series “Crystal the Webseries” is inspired by my own experiences in my 20s. I’m taking great care in telling these stories, because I went through a lot. People can really empathize and learn a thing or two by watching the main character struggle through different situations, because we’ve all been there. Or if they’re like me,someone who always makes mistakes, we can laugh together over our common experiences. Life is hard, and making relatable comedy is very important to me.

Motherhood goes hand-in-hand with my passion for film. I’ve always wanted to have a family, to ground me and keep me growing on another level, which is being a mom. Of course, I wanted to find a loving partner before heading down that road – someone who wanted to share the journey of parenthood. So once I met my fiancé Carlos, I knew this was it. We were blessed with our “Rey” of sunshine in 2016. I was actually pregnant during the production of my web series, so you can say Rey was my Assistant Director. He kept me calm and level-headed, which was intense, because I was also producing the series myself. Indie filmmaking is hardcore, and adding a baby on board makes it tricky, but I had a wonderful talk with my team. I wouldn’t let it slow me down. I welcomed the challenge with open arms, and ultimately we stayed on track and I was able to complete production and post under two months. We had it ready in time to enter a whole range of film festivals, which was great, because I had no time to stress out about having a tough pregnancy...until it was time to do the actual festival run.

Like many moms, I struggled with postpartum depression, and it wasn’t easy. This really broke my spirit, but I had already set this plan into motion. Once I got into festivals, for the sake of my team, Rey, and myself, I went and did my best to represent my work. It was like a form of insurance to myself, to keep going no matter what. I planned out the next two years to promote this project so I could be on auto-pilot until I found my strength again. Carlos is an amazing dad, so he made sure I had nothing to worry about – he’s been in the film business, so he understood how important it was for me to show up and do my best. Going to these festivals and hearing people laugh at my jokes helped me to heal. My art has always been one of my best friends, because I am pretty selfless when it comes to the ultimate goals of my work. No matter who you are, I want to create something that you can enjoy or have an opinion on – my work doesn’t come with restrictions, and it has opened many wonderful doors for me.

All this while, I was also watching this beautiful little boy grow up. He really is the best kid. Even at my lowest moments he would say “mama” and my heart would light up. That kept me going. It’s one of those things where if you have to look nice on the red carpet because film duty calls, you feel better. There was a moment during the first year of promotion, before I was launched the show to the public, that really made me panic. Even though “Crystal” was a hit at these festivals, I kept hearing that voice of self-doubt t that I couldn’t shake. But being a mom, you want to set a strong, powerful example that these are the moments that really showcase who you are as a human. So I launched the show, and the response was just so rewarding. People have been asking for more, so I am working on more of a “Behind The Scenes: Crystal Goes Clear” companion series with director’s commentary, where I go through each episode and discuss what inspired each of the storylines. I’m so excited to get back in front of the camera

and continue to connect with my audience. I want “Crystal” to let people be able to reach out and share their personal struggles and stories, so we can laugh and cry together. I’ll be filming the BTS with the help of my good friend Skyler Barrett, whom I met at my first film festival ( she also has an award-winning web series, called Reckless Juliets). Skyler also helped me recover from PTSD after a horrible experience with a male photographer during my promotion shoot. It took me a whole year to redo the images my way without the negative influences of a toxic person. People really try to keep you down when you aren’t in the right headspace, especially when you’re depressed. You learn a lot about what you’re willing to deal with once the fog clears.

It’s been a couple years since then, and Rey is two now, which is just surreal. My other baby, “Crystal,” is still going strong. It’s been nice to have these two journeys at the same time because they do support one another. It’s never a dull moment and I am always inspired. No matter what happens, I know how to roll with the punches. When it comes to my mental health, I gave myself time to heal at my own pace. It was nice to just have people ask me how I was doing. I always tell people that sometimes that’s all a mom needs to hear. “How are you?” It’s that simple and sweet. You can’t buy that kind of care and concern anywhere, because it comes from the heart. Just like my current art project called “ Imaginary Friends,” which is based on graphics I designed a couple a years back. My old designs are making their way to the spotlight in my 30 minute pilot of “Crystal,” where we get to see the her graphic design work and not just hear about it. It helps that my kid is enjoying looking at them, too.

Photographer: Skyler Barrett

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Deon Phillips: Mastering Motherhood, Music, & School!

Hey BONNIFIED MOMS I am so honored to be featured on this week’s feature.  My name is Deon. I have two wonderful boys by the name of Ledgen(legend) and Chace and two step daughters with my boyfriend Quan by the name of Neaveh and Lalia . We live in Georgia, but I am from southwest Philly. I am a female rapper/student AND ONE OF THE BEST TITLES THERE IS BEING MOMMY! I wont sit hear and say that my life is perfectly in order because it is not! It is hard and confusing at times, but I have a smile on my face daily that I get through it because I am doing everything, I said I would! From recording music to be the worlds best mom to okay time to be a student. Very hectic but it gets completed daily.

I have been rapping since I was about 16, but I couldn’t let my mom know what I was into that. She wanted me to focus more on sports, school, and being a lady, but WHAT CAN I SAY MUSIC IS LIFE. I Go to the studio at least 4 to 5 TIMES out the week and I have to write songs in between being mom and homework. The Hardest thing I thought to do was to pat your head and rub your tummy while walking! or even TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN HOW TO POTTY! Boy was I wrong, it is chasing your dreams while still being mom and continuing education while looking Good (Just kidding) seriously it is tough. I have joy in all that I do, so the wild is worth it to me. In other words, going to school has got to be the best feeling in the world, I have a 3.5 GPA and I will soon graduate with a degree in Psychology. Some may look at school as a debt collector, however I feel that once you have a plan and put in action with your plan anything can happen! 

I sometimes get doubting questions like How can you do all of this and rap!? I even get people trying to talk me out of it. School is a career, rapping I love going to school and being a female rapper, I literally turn it all into one. I talk about my music in my classes my professors are even cheering me on. I even listen to all my tracks while doing my work It’s like I prefect my craft while perfecting my career! I never thought I would do my rapping career full time because I was worried what others thought, would people like my music? Am I too old to keep fighting this dream? I still deal with days of not wanting to do anything because I am so tired from the days before of being mom cleaning the house making sure the boys are not being boys play fighting , tracking dirt in the house , but once you block the negative thoughts and just go with the flow, you won’t have to worry about not doing what you want and love to do. I almost gave up on school and rapping but to hear my children say mom your music sounds good, or I cannot wait till your songs are on the radio is what keeps me going.

The journey is hard and is so rough making sure the kids get to practices, or even making sure I pick them up from school, then they have homework before I do any recording, but this is after I cook dinner and check the kids home work. By the time we eat its time to either record or write a song. I take my sons with me in the studio just about every time I go. It is so hard to find a sitter you can trust now days. I have my boyfriend, but he travels for his dreams he has been chasing as well, but when he is home, I have great help from him. I have a great support team around me when it comes to going to the studio to record. My children know my lyrics and that’s the BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD! It really brings tears to my eyes because they know my song and I just get emotional because I have come a long way and I know the universe is not done with me yet! The motivation to keep me afloat is knowing I am showing my children that dreams do come true, even while earning a degree.

From Sleeping on friends’ couches, to getting kicked out from my mother house with my children, to sleeping in hotels, to almost losing my life twice, and to people selling me false dreams I won’t let nothing get in the way of my journey. Being a mom has changed my life so much to the point where I can no longer say  “No I can’t do that “ and just do it, or doubt myself about school “ School is so hard I can’t do it,” I had so many trials to getting back into school it is a blessing in the end that I am back and almost done with completing my degree.  Being a mom over powers everything I do, because my motivation are my children. They are the reason I have the energy and drive I do about the things I do because they are watching. Being a BONNIFIED MOM NEVER STOPS EVEN WHEN YOU ARE CHASING DREAMS!              



Audrey Renee: The celibate single mom

The first thing that comes to my mind and why I choose celibacy (to obtain from sexual activity until marriage) was the phrase I heard so often, “You need a man...” 

Maybe it’s the single mom perception that makes them say this. 

So let me speak to the woman in you.

I can't count how many times I have taking those words to heart. I had a family member say it and close friends. I always process things to see what triggers me.  

I sometimes see so many women like me who are on this journey of a single parent and take any man just to fill those areas in their lives that they lack. That was the very reason I too became intimate with a man. It makes us feel as if we are not doing enough and so when a man comes with that one thing that we have been wanting or needing. We immediately let them into our lives and give up something of value. 

We need money so we find a man with money to provide, but it comes with him controlling you.

We are getting tired of carrying this load on our own, so we find a man who helps but is abusive.

We are getting lonely so we find a man to fulfill those late night desires and that is all he does with no commitment. He becomes another child you end up taking care of.

As I noticed myself falling for these same things, I would ask myself but at what cost?

I know God designed a man to be apart of a household. He did not however design me to think that my body was for rent while a man tries to figure out if he wants to be a man. I found strength in God to stop falling for the “counterfeits” as my mentor says. That also means I had to do something different, opposite of what I would normally do. I choose to be celibate.

Now I ain’t saying this flesh don’t get weak or the presentation don’t look good enough to buy. Yet, I am willing to sacrifice for something more. The same way a woman is willing to sacrifice certain foods to get her body right. It doesn’t mean we don’t’want it or we don’t deal with the temptation of it. It does how ever make us remember why it is important to us. 

So I let God overflow in those areas where I weak, so I know what his best feels like.  When a man contradicts that, I know.

It is in the moment that I have to tell myself, Audrey you been waiting for the best, imperfect, God fearing man, don’t you dare stop now.

My celibacy is not to say that a man will never fail me. It’s for me and for the times I was intimate with the wrong person because I too thought I needed a man for the wrong reasons. 


Tunai Anderson: What lies within my heart & who lives within my heart


My name is Tunai (Ta-Nay) Anderson. I am 34 years old. A wife of 8 years (married to my first love and High School Sweetheart) and Mother of 2 beautiful children, Karday Ray & Kori Kimora-Raye Eve. Wifehood and Motherhood are two of the roles that have changed my life. Both roles are continuing to teach me the true definition of unconditional love, sacrifice, selflessness, personal growth and moreover, how I can only attain such values with the help of God. 

I recently created a Blog “tunaiscloset”. I use this platform to share my realities with others; through personal stories and testimonies all while remaining transparent and offering Biblical references. “Life is meant to be lived; cherish the exciting moments and rest in those all too brief moments of relaxation. I am here to live my own life, and live it to the fullest. Tunai’s Closet serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in readers to the source that inspires me in this crazy world.- God”

blog photo.png

Aside from my daily duties supporting my Husband who is in his last year of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, raising my two children, working full time as a Child Development Mentor and Coach, and blogging (geez my plate is full)- I enjoy spending time with my family, music, shopping and anything that promotes relaxation and knowledge.   

Early in my marriage I was full of hurt. Not too often but often enough whenever I became upset, or didn’t have my way I would react in a childish and disrespectful way. I would throw things, leave the situation and speak death into my own life. Not knowing at the time where exactly this was coming from, I grew to learn that my past relationships and hurts were the root of some of these issues, not to mention lacking the spiritual tools to fight off these negative thoughts and emotions. I began to peel back the layers of my life that left negative imprints on my soul and would take these hurts and lay them at the altar of God by giving it all to him through prayer. Slowly but surely God began to reveal himself to me through is word. I also realized that the hurts in my life were created to be used as stepping stones to the next step God wanted to take me in my life. This growth that took place almost six years ago is still happening today. Who knew that I would have the courage and will to want to open up and share things about me and my life to help encourage and inspire others.

As a newly-wed the excitement of marriage was at its peak! My husband and I knew that prayer was an essential part of our marriage; but we weren’t quite sure how to go about it and didn’t have the tools we needed to fight off the enemy. For me and my journey we married considerably young (25 years old) compared to those within our circle of friends. After finding a place of worship where the Gospel (the truth) was being preached we knew that this certainly was the key to change. I grew up in the church but I wasn’t ready to receive the true teachings of the bible at that time. When the truth is being preached there is something internal that takes place. Surrendering took place the day my husband and I decided to both re-dedicate our lives to Christ and got baptized together in the Holy Spirit.


A year and a half after finding a church home in 2011, I became pregnant with my 2ndchild. Just when I thought I was finally getting into the flow of juggling being a wife and mother I was unprepared for baby # 2, so I thought.  

First comes love then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage! Sweet little playground jingle- one of which I would often sing. Well now that I had love, marriage and 2 little babies out of the baby carriage- let’s get real. 

Parenting has its way of maturing you, challenging you, frustrating you, humbling you, exhausting you and getting you closer to becoming completely self-less. Parenting requires daily duties and routines that require you to be a nurse, chef, teacher, personal driver, referee (if you have multiples), caregiver, advocate, maid, playmate, feeling validator, and if I had more time- so much more 24/7!! Within myself I am overwhelmed and discouraged by all that is required of me, but with God it takes a huge load off me not having to depend on my own strength. There are moments when I doubt myself however; there’s not a moment that goes by that I am reminded that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). These two little people do not belong to me. God has given me this temporary assignment of instructing them, guiding them and loving them. God’s word has reminded me that it is within my job description as a mother “to teach my children his ways so that when they are older they will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6.) I am to discipline my children which is correcting them when they are wrong with love and not to provoke them. According to my job description as a parent in the word of God, I am called to teach them when they wake up, when we sit around, when we are out in the world, and when we lay down (Deuteronomy 11:19) – I have a mighty job on my hands. This by far outweighs the description for my day job. 


As I continue to grow in my faith, grow in my marriage and grow as a mother, there is so much learning that is taking place and that will forever take place as I continue to grow in God’s word. I am so thankful that I was obedient to the voice of God who instructed me to begin to write about my own personal struggles and life experiences as I relay on his word and biblical scriptures. Over the year I have received so many inspiring messages from others who were encouraged by something I said, wrote or posted. It’s in those moments I am able to share that I am just the vessel but God is the messenger and ultimate healer and true source behind it all. I am so appreciative of the platform and opportunity to share someof my journey with you all and grateful for Bonafide Moms Spot where we are not judged and able to simply be “us”! I encourage you all to begin to peel back the layers of yourself, get quiet and pray. 

~ Tunai

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