LA Mommy Blogger Tribe Brunch: Joes Cafe Granada Hills

There is nothing like a good Sunday brunch; especially with a good bunch of people. 


Brunch happens to be one of my favorite Sunday Funday outings. If you ask me it is one of the best self-care treats for a mother of two like myself especially when you get to go without the Kiddos.


 Last Sunday January 27th I met up with my mommy friends from the LA Mommy blogger tribe ( for more information) for our first brunch of the new 2019 year. Us Mamas were hosted by the amazing Joes café in Granada Hills, CA and believe me when I say I will gladly be taking that drive from Los Angeles to return for more. 


When you do breakfast, you have to do it right. Joes Café is all the way right; and I’m not just referring to the delectable food they serve.  From the time we walked through Joes Café’s doors until the time we left we were treated like royalty.  In fact, scratch that we were treated like the hard-working Mamas that we are. 


Joes Café gave me very down south vibes; maybe it was because of the warm inviting atmosphere and little décor touches that are just as comforting as the food.  As I walked in some of the first things, I noticed was the warm wood structure, mason jar ice waters (which happen to be my fav glass type) and of course the smell of bacon and fresh baked goods that accompany Joes café host to greet its customers at the door. 


Avocado Breakfast Bruschetta ( joes Cafe Granada Hills )

Avocado Breakfast Bruschetta (joes Cafe Granada Hills)

The menu is just as amazing as the vibe. Joes Café breakfast menu (because If I’m being honest lunch was not on my mind that day) is filled with a bunch of classics that have a modern twist. The presentation of the food is beyond picture worthy; the food taste even better than it looks. Some off my favorite dishes were (keeping in mind that I am a vegetarian) Avocado Breakfast Bruschetta which is pretty much a Texas sized (lingo courtesy of LA Mommy Blogger Rosie) avocado toast with an egg on top drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. If you’re into avocados I highly recommend you trying. Another one of the tribe’s favs was the Stuffed French Toast. Picture this; a warm French loaf sprinkled with powdered sugar, oozing berries, and cream. Just writing this blog I am getting hungry. All in all, there is something for everyone on the Joes Café menu whether you eat meat or not you will not be disappointed. 


If you are going for Sunday brunch with your family and/or friends, or simply going to grab a bite to eat for dinner I highly recommend Joes café. I am positive you will leave planning your return. Thank you to Naza (@sweetpandsky founder of the LA Mommy Blogger tribe) for coordinating such a fab brunch for us Mamas. Additionally: thank you Joes Café for hosting us.  

Tyler E ( @tylerbeth_j )

Tyler E (@tylerbeth_j)


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