Natasha Nelson: Cloth Diapering Mama!

Hey Moms have you ever considered using cloth diapers? If not, would you if you knew the ins and outs? This Mondays mommy feature is Natasha Nelson from Riley, Kansas. Natasha is a proud cloth diapering mama. Rather than using disposable diapers that must be purchased repeatedly Natasha has purchased a very versatile stash of cloth diapers and wipes that can be used, washed, and used again. This mom is saving big bucks while protecting little Ms. Paris’s bum from chemicals and lowering the risk of diaper rash drastically.

Natasha is mom to three-month-old doll baby Paris Rose Nelson. I ran across Natasha’s page looking at mom’s profiles on Instagram who hash tagged mom life in their pictures (it’s my fav hashtag lol). Natasha shines bright and is doing her thing while sharing her mom life journey. She shares about life as wife, veteran, and devoted cloth diapering mom. When I saw that Natasha did not use disposable diapers I was shocked! I know cloth diapering is not unheard of however; I had never actually encountered a parent that strictly used cloth diapers let alone occasionally. I was truly intrigued and had so many questions. I sent Natasha a couple of the questions I had as well as questions I thought other parents may have about her cloth diapering journey.

Without further ado, here are the deets about Natasha’s cloth diapering journey:

1. How did you get into cloth diapering? • I was stationed in Germany when I was in the military. I decided to get out of the military in Germany while my husband continued in the Army. Most of the mothers I interacted with used cloth diapers, breastfed, and baby wore. I researched and considered all three, before even trying to have children.

2. Which cloth diaper style do you prefer? (DIY or the ones that have buttons) • If I could only use one style, it would be pocket diapers. They still have the convenience of disposables that my husband needs, and they allow me to adjust the absorbency to our needs at the time. Throughout the day, we can just use microfiber inserts since I change her every 2 hours. However, during naps and night sleeping I must add more absorbency. Pockets allow me to add a flour sack cloth or a prefolds to my hemp or charcoal bamboo insert to keep us leak free. Can’t beat it.

3. What are the pros and cons of cloth diapering?

• Pros: Less to no diaper rash and you can save money if that’s what you need. I spent about $350 on my entire cloth diaper and wipe stash and accessories because I bought them used from a foster mom who barely got to use them before she was moved to fostering older children. That included 7 Fuzzibunz pockets perfect size small, 9 Happy Flute AIO OS, 5 Charlie Banana pockets OS, 32 Alva Baby pockets OS, 13 Charlie Banana microfiber inserts, 12 Alva Baby microfiber insets, 16 Alva Baby Charcoal bamboo inserts, 7 Fuzzibunz hemp inserts, 36 cotton cloth wipes, 4 small wet/dry bags, and 1 large wet bag. People pay

between $1000-$2000 a year on disposable diapers for one child. My cloth can be used for multiple children or treated and sold to someone to use. Cloth diapers are way better for the environment. Do you know where disposable are put once the trash system takes them from your home? Landfills of trash. Cloth diapering makes me better about doing my laundry. I have a lot of clothes and hated doing laundry. Prior to having a child and cloth diapering, I would wash clothes once a month. They are so stinking cute, you don’t have to buy a bunch of pants. Cloth diapers keep Paris’s butt warm and she doesn’t need pants.

• Cons You must wash and prep the diapers before easy use, you must do research to know how to properly clean and care for your diapers, and if you are like me and hate laundry, more laundry is always a con. Also, you will touch your child’s urine and feces. However, I’ve been told as a mother you must do this regardless. I’ve become immune. lol

4. What are the essentials for your cloth diapering kit? Home: • Pockets and inserts, Storage, Diaper pail with cover, Large wet bag, Flour sack and prefolds, Wipe warmer, Cloth wipes, My DIY wipe solution, and Microfleece diaper liners. Going out: • 2-4 cloth diapers (depending on the outing), small wet/dry bag to safely contain the soiled diapers, 8 cloth wipes in a sealed container pre-soaked in my DIY cloth wipe solution, a diaper bag with a changing pad built into it, extra Muslim cloth just in case, and a container with filtered water.

5. What is your most memorable cloth diapering moment (if any)? • We got my daughter a Black Panther cloth diaper from @nappybunz to go with my husband’s Black Panther cosplay for the movie premier.

6. What is one thing all moms/parents should know about cloth diapering? • It’s truly not nearly as hard as people make it seem and it’s so much better for your baby and the environment.

7. What is your fav cloth diaper brand? • For those going to cloth for affordability, Alva baby can’t be beat for cute prints, and decent pocket diapers at cheap prices ($6 or less). However, if price isn’t an issue, Little Llama Pants is a small business that makes outstanding diapers with the most adorable prints.

I’m positive the questions asked only scratched the surface of all that you need to know about cloth diapering so go follow Natasha and shoot her a message she’s a mommy that understands the importance of teaching and inspiring! Natasha The Bonafide Moms Spot would like to thank you for sharing your clothing journey with all us moms!

Tyler E. Johnson