Artesha Welch: Validate Yourself

So hey i'm a mom :) I saw this post a couple months ago on instagram that read, “A mother who radiates self- love and self acceptance actually vaccinates her daughter against low self esteem .” - Naomi Wolf. I know first hand the effects of placing doubt upon oneself, and how it can shape your life. My eyes have opened a lot the older i became and the journey of motherhood has heightened my self awareness to the tenth power lol. I am a first generation american with Garifuna/ Belizean roots. I've always known two different worlds, and two different perspectives. As a young girl growing up i guess i struggled with identity, and having a sense of belonging between cultures. “Maybe i have made mistakes and been through my fair share of pain but all in all its been okay i’ve lived well.” Quote from Jhene Aiko’s song Eternal Sunshine explains in a short sentence the remainder of my life up to now lol. My trails have built me into a splendid well guided, intelligent, loving, and persevering young woman. I have been a mother to my daughter for one year and three months and I am proud. She was destined to come into my life. During gestation i went into a spiritual journey. I went inward and pinpointed every cycle from generations before me where some adjustments had to be made with how this child is raised with mental, emotional, and spiritual support. I am naturally a nurturing person, and id say wise on some topics. A Lot of things I heard and seen as a child I knew from childhood not to repeat certain cycles around my own children. I have been a stay at home mom for a year and i’ve quickly learned that not everyone around you will be to pleased with the idea of “a stay at home mom” and can even look down on you for not working. I personally am blessed to have a support system that provides the environment for me to be there for my daughter. I see that Self acceptance will be a lifelong project. While battling fears, and turning and molding my past traumas into a power to utilize for self empowerment i still shake a little when i get thrown blows. My concern is do I radiate self love enough for my daughter to see? Do I radiate self acceptance enough for my daughter to see? Because the things some folks have spoken about me, I had to seek the real message within their words. “Malatani” is a garifuna word in my culture which means, worthless, can't achieve anything, and weak was used to describe me by an elder who doesn't even know me like that. So i received my message loud and clear. It was a tough pill to swallow but the message was a positive one. Or so i took it. I am excited for all that's to come through listening to my intuition and putting in the work because at least i can still carry on and continue to create my destiny and embody the example for my daughter so that she too can be Resilient, radiate self love, and most importantly self acceptance. It is inevitable that offenses shall come. That's why my daughter is being taught emotional intelligence. Maybe for the sake of my child it's time i also change my tribe. I have a lifetime of work to achieve and it involves mental, emotional, and spiritual empowerment of oneself. As a mother its a value of mines to be very conscious of how i “ SUPPORT” my children. I see my level of awareness as revolutionary, and so intend on raising revolutionary children. To all stay at home mother’s how long did it take for you to develop a lifestyle routine and income that works for the type of parenting you want to achieve?

Tyler E. Johnson