Mommy Feels: Today I have a five year old!

My heart is bursting full of mommy feels. You know those emotions you get when your kid(s) do something amazing or something not so amazing. How about when your kid(s) kiss or hug you, or throw tantrums, let’s not forget when they sleep so peacefully at night. Pretty much mommy feels are the mom emotions we all have and glow through on a daily basis. 

Today my mommy feels are exploding. My first baby Taite has entered into his fifth year of life. I cannot believe I have a five-year-old. This sounds so cliché, but it seems like just yesterday I was kissing under his fat neck rolls; now when I kiss him he wipes it off lol.

You see, I can finally say I understand God crafted Taite William especially for me. He knew exactly what I lacked and where I feel short. God knows us better than we know ourselves and whether I knew it or not he selected Taite to fill in my blanks. However; don’t think it was always sunshine and butterflies because this was not always my truth.

Never in a million years was my goal to work super hard in the class and on the track to get an athletic scholarship just to get pregnant and have to give my carefree life up. For the longest I was okay with that being my reality and if asked I let it be known that I felt i screwed up. During my pregnancy and even about a month and a half after giving birth (if were being completely honest) I did not understand what God was doing for me and to me by bringing this baby into my world. I was so upset with my circumstances. Now as I think back I regret wasting so much time at my own pity party. I’m not sure what clicked for me, but I looked at my baby and realized not only did he really depend on me, but he deserved everything and more. I had to stop thinking so little and open my eyes and heart to the bigger picture. Taite was truly a gift from God and I am forever thankful for this blessing.

Taite taught me how to love and to be loved, he has taught me responsibility, and he taught me the importance of selflessness. My sweet baby has taught me lessons that no one else could ever teach me. I woke up and I realized my reality was so much more than a screw up and Taites purpose and existence is way bigger than I gave him credit for in the beginning. Silly silly me!

So today 10/23/2018 Taite is Five years old! Taite and I have glowed together. Teaching one another lessons that only he and I can teach. Five years of exploring the world, five years of laughs, five years of tears (both of us), five years of the greatest love i’ve ever known!

Happy Birthday to my #Bonafidebaby Taite William. Mommy loves you Pop pop!

Tyler E. JohnsonComment