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Take a look into the world of all things #BonafideMoms! This is a completely judgment free blog by moms for moms. Our Bonafide moms share, celebrate, love, inspire, and so much more. We glow through what we go through! Everyone has a room here at the spot; Come on in!


Our story

The Bonafide Moms Spot is the epitome of the saying “Glow through what you go through!” We have done just that and let me tell you our light has shinned super nova.

The Bonafide Mom herself Tyler E. Johnson shares how it all began! 


Our features

Hey Moms! By clicking the Bonafide Mom Feature button you can check out all of our fab moms that have been featured on our blog and blog. You can even submit yourself or another fab mom you know! Together we “Glow through what we go through”!


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